The UAE Business Directory

The UAE business directory is really a goldmine for internet marketers, because it is a targeted list for direct marketing communication via email, SMS and/ or phone. This database is really well structured and thus easy to use, that it’ll suit all of your wants.

It’ll make it 100x simpler that you should achieve to a lot of companies and people with only a single click.

An extensive listing of companies and firms within the GCC, the Dubai Marketing Database includes all possible sectors, from automobile and fashion to engineering and tourism.

The e-mail marketing databases have differing types:

Emirates wise firm database: So that you can choose based on your chosen physical location.

Sector wise UAE database: You can observe companies only out of your aimed sector within the UAE.

GCC sector wise database: You can observe companies only out of your aimed sector within the GCC.

Dubai Healthcare Directory: All hospital and clinic contact details is combined within this database.

UAE malls: All of the malls from greatest to tiniest can be found within this list.

Nationality wise database: in line with the nationality of who owns the organization. You are able to select based on your nationality which means you do not feel just like a fish from water inside your workplace.

The data within the databases include:

Names from the companies/ people

HR email ID’s

Vacancy page URL

Registration page URL

Website Link, etc

How this database can help you:

For Candidates Trying To Find Jobs- you’ll have an immediate list of all of the companies you would like. This really is time saving since the contact details is appropriate before you.

Companies can apply it marketing of merchandise in addition to services and gain clients.

Thinking about UAE has among the greatest disposable incomes on the planet, luxury services and products could be marketed to companies in addition to individuals.

Business to business (business-to-business) marketing is marketing of merchandise to companies or any other companies for recycleables to make use of in producing goods, for other general purposes like direct use, or resale towards the final consumers (wholesalers to retailers). Even services could be marketed with other companies.

Business to business marketing can be achieved by companies within the UAE to companies within the UAE or by companies within the other areas around the globe to companies within the UAE.

B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing is performed by companies dealing directly using the finish user or consumer from the service or product.