Uncovering the Truth: 6 Myths about Working with a Temp Agency

Many career minded people in San Antonio get to a point in their lives when they realize that a temp agency might be just what they’re looking for. A staffing agency exists to match job seekers with employers, but still, some are hesitant to use a temporary employment agency. There are certain fears, based on stories heard from friends of friends, about being treated poorly or about terrible jobs. They may also feel like they can find employment on their own without the use of a temp agency. The fact is working with a staffing agency can provide enormous benefits to the job seeker beyond simply placing them. The fears persist, however. Here are some of the top temporary employment agency myths that many people believe.


A Staffing Agency Won’t Place Me at the Jobs I Want

Many equate temp jobs with low-skilled labor jobs that they may not be looking for. This isn’t the truth however. Of course, there are labor intensive jobs if that’s what you’d like, but a temp agency can also offer a variety of jobs in different sectors to meet your needs. There are also temp agencies that specialize in certain industries, making it even more likely that you’ll find a fit.


Specialized Firms Won’t Provide Value

Some people think that using a temp agency within the sector in which they’re interested won’t provide value. Since a single sector isn’t as broad, the thinking is that an individual would be able to cover that ground themselves. The fact is that specialized firms can make connections within the industry that you probably cannot, and can match you to key hiring personnel.


Non-Specialized Firms Are Pointless

Some believe the converse of the previous myth. They think that an agency that works in too broad a sector won’t be able to provide the connections you need within a given industry. However, within a broad-based temporary employment agency, there are usually one or two recruiters who work with specific industries that can find what you need.


Staffing Agencies Are Scams

This belief is predicated on the myth that just anyone can decide to start recruiting. Yes, there are dishonest people out there; however there are far more reputable firms than scam operations. It’s not hard to weed them out with the tiniest bit of research, either. Any temp agency you choose should be a part of a professional recruiting organization and can also provide references and testimonials.


The More Staffing Agencies the Better

Some believe that signing up with lots of agencies is the best practice. However, it’s usually best to go with quality over quantity. Before signing up, talk to several agencies to decide which one will best meet your needs. Once you’ve decided, work closely with that staffing agency to find success in your job search. They will know you very well, and be better able to find you placement.


You Can Let the Agency Do All the Work

Signing up with an agency does not mean you should sit back and let them do all the work. Sure, they can find placements, but it’s best to be active in your search, and work with the agency to find the right fit. That means going through any training they offer, and communicating your needs with your recruiter. The more you put yourself out there and make a commitment, then the better your chances of being successful.