Should You Use An Agency To Help With Your Office Staffing Needs?

If you own or run a smaller company, then you know very well the challenges that come with trying to find quality talent for your office staffing needs. There is a lot of time spent sifting through resumes, interviewing candidates, and generally spending time away from actually running the day-to-day operations of the business. Using the services of employment staffing agencies can help remove those time commitments and provide a better chance of finding great talent for your firm. Using a staffing agency is not the best option for every business, so here is what you should know if you are considering using one.


Quick Results

With job numbers getting better over the past few years, workers have started having an advantage over employers. That means that it’s even harder for employers to find the right talent, and it may take even longer to find that fit. That may mean many more candidates to interview to separate the great ones. Staffing agencies can take all of that effort out of your hands. They can also provide qualified candidates from their pool of talent by matching their skills with your needs. By doing this prescreening, they can provide candidates for interviews that have already been deemed qualified for your office staffing positions.



A lot of employers nowadays are looking for flexibility in their staffing. That means not necessarily focusing on hiring full-time, but rather on filling their office staffing needs with temporary and part-time workers. That way, they are in a better position to adapt to any market changes and to keep their company leaner. A placement agency can provide a host of staffing options so that a company can be flexible in their needs.


Risk Reduction

Being an employer carries with it legal responsibilities. These responsibilities involve taxes, insurance, and complying with all applicable labor laws. There are also financial risks, such as if you were to hire the wrong person, or they leave unexpectedly. Using a staffing firm means that they will assume those risks so you can focus on running the business without worrying about those things. Employment staffing agencies are considered the employer when you use them, so legally they bear those responsibilities.


How Do They Work?

As you know, a staffing firm can fill any positions you might have. They will first try to fill the spot with one of their roster employees who are looking for the type of work you are offering. If they do not have any candidates available at the time, then they will look to recruit candidates who are a good fit. They will conduct background checks and interviews, and present to you either a final candidate, or a slate from which you can choose. If they are selected by the employer, then they become employees of the agency. Everything, including benefits and paychecks, comes from the agency.



There are a few misconceptions about staffing agencies that should be addressed. For one, many believe that it is very expensive to hire one for your office staffing needs. The fact is, you may be saving money by not spending your time on those extra tasks involved in hiring. There is also a belief that candidates are of lesser quality, but staffing firms provide training and certifications that other candidates might not have.


Now that you know more about it, consider using a staffing firm for you next hire.