Vlogging or video blogging is not just shooting videos and sharing with the online community, social media, or Youtube. It is now big name when it comes to making money online via YouTube or DailyMotion. Both are the most used platform in the world of videos and millions of users watch videos on these sites daily.

A vlogger can earn significant money from their channel just by sharing reviews about products. The company which manufactures a product usually contact online influencers to review their product for better and targeted advertisement.

And it is a highly profitable way to make money for companies as well as for vloggers. So, how to start it and which things are important for a vlogger.
Well, there are few items which you must have before getting started.

1 РRegarding videos shooting you can use your cell phone but for better and high quality results you should buy a top rated best vlogging camera with flipscreen as it can help monitoring while creating videos. With flip screen, you can check if the camera is in the right place and focusing the required object.

Nowadays, you can get a quality camera ranging from $300 to $600 with all the needed features. But for FHD results you will have to spend $800 or $3k which doesn’t matter if you’re a new person who planned to make a channel. So, don’t spend that big money right now, you can get the best one later.

2 – A powerful computer is also essential which can handle all the heavy work, for this, your computer must have at least 8GB of RAM, i5 processor, and a dedicated graphics card (at least 2GB with latest chip technology).

Otherwise, you will face lagging while editing videos which ultimately takes too much time to create a single clip. There are many blogging laptops/PC available in the market that vloggers can buy within budget.

3 – A proper light system is also crucial if you are going to shoot videos in a studio. Search online to get better lightening system before buying any wrong product. You should choose lights which consume low energy to save electricity bills.

4 – Another critical thing is “MIC”, a top class microphone help significantly in recording clear and noise free audios even in the noisy places. So, pick the suitable one that provides ultimate user experience and reduce surrounding noise without affecting your voice. You can choose a condenser MIC that is a top choice in vlogging.

5 – Editing software for videos is also required, and it’s the only tool that can make your videos look charming, you can retouch colors, create impressive effects, add new details or remove any unnecessary stuff as well.

Adobe is a well reputed name in editing world no matter photos or videos; you can get a robust tool from them. Though it costs you few bucks but a great tool can take your channel to the next level and also save a lot of time that you can invest in other important tasks.

So, we hope you get the little idea on how to start vlogging and which elements are important and you should have. The essential part of this whole guide is picking the right vlogging camera to create beautiful, detailed, and stunning videos, the rest can be done via software. Gearsdaddy already shared some of the top vlogging camera with a detailed information.