VR Drones for Beginners and Aerial Adventurers

The fastest growing technology are drones and VR.  Have you seen a VR headset being used by a drone racer? So, yes, they work together. But, don’t be surprised to know that there are also VR drones or drones compatible with VR.

To those who’ve never seen or used a VR, VR means virtual reality. It is an advance technology that uses software to somewhat generate images, sounds, background setting and enable the user to interact with what they see on its display screen.  VRs are used in gaming because it simulates the user’s presence within the VR world.  A person using VR is able to play around, move and connect with objects that are seen on the screen.

But how does it VR work exactly?

A VR headset needs either a smartphone or console or even a PC to run the app.  The goal here is to create 3D virtual setting. Wherever you look, the screen follows you. So, it isn’t like watching TV or playing a computer game using your desktop monitor. What happens when you use VR is that the video is sent to your console or whatever you are using to connect or run the video (or game) through HDMI cable. You will need headphones for a more immersed experienced. Premium headsets have a head tracking capability, unlike the Cardboard. There are several available VR headsets today. Some are way too expensive, some are cheap. The Oculus rift cost about $600, the playstation VR is almost $400, the HTC is more than $750 while the cheapest is the Samsung Gear VR that cost a little less than $100.

VR glasses, VR glasogon, VR box and VR headset are VR gears that I am sure anyone–kids or adult alike—would love to have especially during their birthdays or during the holiday season. If you love playing games, watching movies and love the feeling of being out of this world, drone or VRs are the way to go. For kids, there’s nothing wrong with VR box or VR headset. For beginners, google cardboard is recommended. Since it is for beginners, it’s cheaper and simple but it works well with android and iOS.  It’s simple because you can just download the cardboard app then put your phone in a cardboard viewer and then use magnification lenses. It’s a VR exciting experience for newbies because you can visit new places, play games and fly. You can get Google cupboard for as long as $20.

For the aerial adventurer, The EhaNG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR iOS is one of the best sellers today. This drone will take you to an aerial adventure! This is really for drone enthusiasts! It has dual sensors and automatic return feature in case there’s a loss of communication.

But if you really want the thrill of VR immersive experience, get the FLYBI. This is the world’s first drone camera. You’ll get the “bird’s eye” view experience as it tracks your movement. The FLYBI has a wonderful design, live streamed video, obstacle recognition and other features such as GPS, and 1.2 miles range.