Watching BBC iPlayer abroad outside of the UK unblocked, is something that many Brits try to do when on holiday. Ordinarily if you try to access BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or any of the other UK TV apps, they will tell you that you cannot access, as you are out of the UK.

This is frustrating to many British people, especially those who pay for the rather expensive TV license in the UK. You can now however, access all British only TV apps and websites when anywhere in the world, if you have a VPN connection installed on each of your devices.

When you have a VPN installed on say our iPad when in Australia, you will be able to bypass the geographic restrictions of BBC iPlayer by switching your IP address for one in the UK. The great thing about using a VPN is not only does it allow you to appear as though you are in the United Kingdom when abroad, but best of all your browsing is totally anonymous also.

For only a few pounds per month for a VPN account, you can access UK, US, Canadian and European Television apps anywhere. You can also unblock any restrictions on social media anywhere, something that is a must for those in the Middle East, Vietnam and China.

VPN01 Network is particularly good for UK TV apps when abroad, as it is one of the few that still unblocks BBC iPlayer and also is uncapped for data usage, so that you will not run into any trouble viewing half way through the month.

They are currently offering a 30 day free trial for all new customers at