Ways to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Owning a pet is a great experience, but there are also expenses. Dog owners know that raising a dog can be expensive. There are many ways that you can cut costs without knowing about cash advances and ultimately sacrificing your dog’s health and happiness.


Adopt One Instead of Buying

Instead of buying a new dog from a pet shop or breeder, adopt one from a shelter to save a lot of money for your new furry friend.


Dog Grooming

Paying for grooming your pet can be expensive. If you could tackle to splash with your dog then get a bottle of pet shampoo and a comb, as taking your pet to the groomer is like shedding money like its hair. Invest in the right grooming tools, such as brushes, nail trimmers, shampoos, clippers and ear care products.


Save on Food

Food is the biggest ongoing cost of owning a cat or dog.  As per Consumer Report’s survey dog owner spent an average of $36 a month on food for dogs. So you can save on giving healthy, homemade treats that are cheaper than the branded dog food. You can even check online for various dog food recipes. If you do some research over the internet on some dog food manufacturer website, you might get a discount or you coupons that could save a lot and can be utilized to pay for vet bills later.


Be Your Dog Trainer

If you’re an experienced dog owner, then you would love to train your dog at home and skip the expensive training sessions. Many online resources and books can help you to plan a training program. And if you’re a first-time owner, there are many trainers and vets who offer affordable basic courses that you could refer and avoid hiring a private trainer.


Dog Toys

Toys from the pet store are more expensive and not at all worthy. Instead, grab some household stuff and make a toy for your pet buddy. The dog would just love their favorite toys which could be of 3 or 4 varieties. Once you find the type of toy your dog likes, only replace that one with a similar one each time whenever it gets worn out. Rotate the toy every few days so that your dog feels that it’s new. That’s how you can save money on dog toys by making your own and rotating his favorites.


Pet Sitters

You can save money on pet sitters by asking someone from your neighborhood who loves dogs and can come to your home daily, instead of taking your dog to an expensive pet boarding facility.



In spite of buying brand name products directly from the vet, you can save money by purchasing generic pet medications for flea & tick prevention. Confirm with your vet and then check for a price discount online and locally.


Dental Care

Brushing your dog’s teeth every day ensures its overall good health. You can get dog toothbrush kits at a minimal price of $5, and that could save your pet from future disease. Making it a part of your daily routine will keep you from taking your dog to the vet for expensive dental exams and plaque removal sessions.


Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance looks like a good option, especially if you own a breed that is more vulnerable to health issues, but it may not be the smartest choice to select. Most pet insurance policies require you to pay a higher premium if your dog is at greater risk for health issues. Instead you should open a savings account and put money into that account monthly instead of paying for pet insurance and you’ll have a large amount of an emergency fund for your furry friend.