Web Design and Other Basics of Reputation Marketing

Every year, more people are shopping online, or at least searching for businesses online. Not only that, but those who are already shopping online are doing it for even more of their purchases than in the past. An online presence is absolutely vital for any San Antonio business hoping to survive this shift. Reputation marketing is a big part of that, since the vast majority of consumers will make judgments based on your website, your online reviews, and the quality of your listings, among other things. Good web design is vital, as is making sure all of your details are correct on all of your listings. Here is a rundown of some reputation marketing basics.



Directories might be the first place where a potential consumer comes into contact with your business. Your listings need to be completely accurate, or else the consumer might end up choosing a competitor. That means your phone number, website link, and all other information should be checked and updated accordingly. There have even been cases of businesses’ information being hijacked by competitors.



After finding a business online, a consumer’s next move is probably to check out the reviews. That way they can get a sense of whether or not they can trust the business. Online reviews can be incredibly influential. If you get a good review that is clearly identifiable as an actual person, then find ways, either through your web design or other methods, to highlight that review and any others.


Social Media

Anyone who uses the internet to shop and to find services probably also has at least one social media page. Luckily, social media channels are free, so the only limit is imagination. Make your social media channels engaging and welcoming. Engage with customers, even if they are upset with you. Post often, but not always about your business. Make it interesting and even fun.


Search Engine Optimization

If customers can’t find you, then they certainly won’t be buying from you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what boosts your website up the rankings so that you can be found. There are many principles to good SEO, but the basis is that the better your website is for users, the better it will be for your ranking. The higher you rank for specific searches related to your business, then the more customers you will get. It’s as simple as that.


Web Design

After finding your business on a listing, checking the reviews, and visiting your social media pages, a customer may then head to your website to get a fuller picture of the products or services you provide. This is where you get them to convert, and you need to have good web design to make it easy on them. Your site should be mobile friendly, and it should be easy for customers to find what they are looking for. If something feels even slightly difficult or not straightforward, they will click away in an instant. It also needs to be fast. If it takes too long to load, they will be gone. Good web design will make space for engaging and informative content, and will also make your business look professional and therefore trustworthy.


When it comes to digital and reputation marketing, there is always more to cover. Hopefully with these basics in mind, you can get your business soaring to new heights by improving its online presence.