What Is Mobile Shredding and How Does it Work?

Most people who work in an office that handle confidential information know that it is important to protect that information. Privacy breaches are not just dangerous for those whose information is leaked, but bad for the company as well. They risk a loss of reputation, and with it a loss of business. Mobile shredding services such as onsite document shredding can help keep information secure by completely destroying documents when they are no longer needed. Here is everything you need to know about how mobile shredding works.


Disposal of Files

Using a mobile shredding service will give your office a secure way to dispose of any documents containing sensitive information. When the service comes to remove your waste, they will document everything so there is a clear chain of custody. The start of the process is when the shredding company places disposal units throughout your office. These locked units make it easy for employees to dispose of their documents. They do not need to worry about taking out staples or paper clips. They can simply slide them into the unit to await collection by the mobile shredding service.


Collection of Documents

A good shredding service will ask you questions about how much paper you dispose of on a regular basis. That way they can tailor their collection schedule to meet your needs. They can come on a weekly or monthly schedule, or even simply when you call them. On the pickup day, the professional will come to your office and collect the receptacles for destruction. They will either remove them to another location for destruction, or perform onsite document shredding. You can even watch this process to make sure that everything is completely destroyed, if you wish.


Onsite Document Shredding

Mobile shredding is very easy and convenient for your office. There is very little work for you to do other than place documents in the receptacle. If your paper is being destroyed onsite, you can watch the destruction process. The units wil be taken to the onsite document shredding truck parked outside. All of that paper is then dumped into the industrial strength shredder connected to the truck. The shredding process is even recorded so that the destruction is documented, so you can have additional peace of mind. Once everything is destroyed, the technician should give you a certificate that states the date and time of the destruction, so that you have a guarantee that it is taken care of.


After Destruction

Not only will all of your secure documents be completely destroyed, but the process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Everything that is shredded will then be sent for recycling. As you can imagine, these can add up to tons of paper recycled every single day, which saves countless trees and other resources. Once the documents are shredded, everything is mixed with shredded materials from other places. This means that it would be more more difficult, if not impossible, to reconstruct the pages. All of that material is then baled and transported to a recycling depot.


As you can see, mobile shredding is a great option to keep your business secure and compliant with any privacy regulations. Contact a shredding service provider to make your life easier and to protect your office from information breaches.