Why should you hire a professional cleaner when you move out?

Landlords often require rental bonds as collateral to be certain that tenants meet the conditions of the rental agreement.

The bond is collected at the initiation of a new rental. The landlord must give the tenant a completed bond lodgement form that records the amount of bond paid. When the bond is lodged, a receipt is sent to both parties.

Before the tenant moves in, they and their landlord must complete a condition report. This report is essential as it notes the condition of the property before the lease. If, at the conclusion of the lease, there is a dispute about the condition of the assumptions, the report may be utilized as evidence.

There’s absolutely no big secret to end of lease cleaning and upkeep. If you know the requirements and quirks of your house and plan ahead, you’ll have the key to successfully obtaining all of the jobs done in time with precision.

A team of two professional end of rental cleaners will take about 2-4 hours to wash a studio flat, 4-6 hours to wash a three bedroom flat, and an entire day to clean a huge house.

Whenever there’s a problem such as mold or vermin in a rental property, tenants may be asked to use some common sense methods like ensuring everything is kept clean, windows are left open for fresh air, or using a dehumidifier.

Our recommendation is to have your real estate agent scrutinize the property right after the clean, so it is easy to tackle any problems in person. Lastly, all this may seem overwhelming, but there is still time to employ expert bond cleansers.

Free up more of your precious time by choosing an vacate cleaning company who lets you schedule all your upcoming end of rental cleaning, send messages and share notes, re-schedule cleanings, and submit payments with only a couple clicks on the internet or via a fast call.

There are a variety of ways that you save time and prevent headaches when it comes to handling your vacating rental. While so many of your tasks can be achieved digitally, it is still necessary to put forth a little physical effort to receive your property cleaned for incoming tenants and by hiring a professional, you can have your house cleaned in a jiffy.

Nowadays, bonds are often collected by the landlord (or agent acting on their behalf) and held by a statutory authority. In Melbourne Victoria — you may apply for your bond refund from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) in case you cannot reach an agreement with the landlord. Your landlord must make any promises on your bond within 10 days of end of your rental.

No more stress! By reserving with a rental cleaner you’re offered total confidence with a professional ‘bond back cleaning’ team which will specialise in depart cleans. Many professionals have a better success rate in receiving bonds returned. If your property manager is not happy, they will even return at no charge.